Terms, Conditions, & Other Legal Info.

General pricing:

Disclaimer: These prices may vary greatly depending on the client, project scope, or fine details. They are here to give you a general idea as to how I may estimate the cost of a project.

$40 per logo concept

Approx. $20 per hour if a concept is approved and finalized. Price may vary depending on detail and complexity.

$100 per page for informational websites

Price will vary for Content Management Systems

¹$100 down payment required for initial design proposal. Additional charges may apply if stock images are used/requested.

$20 - per hour for other design work

Such as business cards & brochures.

Site updates & maintainence are priced at $20 per hour.

$120 - per year for domain hosting

This usually includes domain registration. Clients are more than welcome to set this up themselves. I currently use Dreamhost for client sites.

¹If an agreement is made I will require a non-refundable payment before I will start any work. Once the payment is received I will create rough concepts and send them via email for approval. If a design is approved I will give a rough estimate of the final cost after completion and start work on the final design.

All prices may vary depending on the project. The price may increase if additional work and/or specific conditions are requested.

Payment options:

I will accept payments through paypal, the mail via check, or I can pick it up in person if the job is local. Paypal will accept all major credit/debit cards.

Blog Information

Disclaimer: info about blog here


Information regarding blog's legal terms.

Additional information:

Cancellation policy

The initial payment is non-refundable. The cancellation fee's will simply be the price according to the amount of time spent on the work. For example, if 4 hours had been clocked then you will recieve a bill for that time and no further work would be done.

Notification of changes

I reserve the right to change these terms & conditions. If I make any major changes to my policies and services I will inform the clients who are affected and also place a temporary notification on the index of this site.

Copyright notice

The content of this website are for your general information and use only. It is subject to change without notice. This website contains materials which are owned by or licensed to James M. Truhlar. These materials include, but are not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics.

Ownership of materials

Once paid for, artwork is owned by the client. I reserve the right to place a copy of the artwork in my portfolio. I will also keep a copy of all art, code, and support files on my hard drive indefinitely. This serves as a backup for myself and the client.

If there is a problem with a site, I will troubleshoot and fix it free of charge. I will not take responsibility for a site being down or slow due to a bad host.

All of my sites run on standard code and software. That said, I cannot take responsibility for computers that are not up to date with current css, php, and/or html technologies. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 7 may not be able to render some newer web technologies. This is not, I repeat, NOT an error and can easily be fixed by updating your browser. Below are links to the latest versions of a few browsers options.

I could offer to build sites with support for unsupported browsers such as IE6, but then I couldn't ask any less than double the total cost, as adding in additional support code is extremely time consuming. As such, I've decided to not offer this support in my work. I appologize for any inconvenience.